The Choice is Clear

Not all LASIK is Created Equal

We get it, LASIK can be intimidating. Most people fall into 1 of 2 categories when it comes to LASIK. They’re are the fully prepared, researched for years and know the exact questions to ask the surgeon type of people. Then there are the people who want LASIK but don’t want to think of any of the specifics that come with it.

But at the bare minimum, you should feel comfortable speaking with your surgeon and clarifying a few details.  It is surgery after all…

We will discuss two important topics you should be prepared to ask at your consultation.

Blade-Free LASIK

I’m sure right about now you are saying to yourself, “WAIT, there are blades involved? I thought it was all lasers!!”

Don’t worry, you are correct, to a certain degree. The LASIK procedure does uses a laser to correct your vision. However, the flap that is created prior can either be done with a highly sophisticated laser, called a “femtosecond laser”, or a blade that is called a “microkeratomy blade.” At Nevada Eye Consultants we us the blade-free option as there are benefits to opting for this method.


Like all doctor visits, prior to surgery, you have a pre-operative appointment. At this appointment we collect all of the measurements to present to your surgeon. There are two different ways in collecting this data and enter it into the LASIK machine that will be helping to correct your vision.

The first way is by measuring your vision with a phoropter, this is the same devise you have seen at your optometrist office over the years (remember the doctor saying “which is better 1 or 2, 3 or 4”). This device gives us an indication of your overall vision prescription using one data point, if done correctly, you should get vision on par with a pair of contacts or glasses.

At Nevada Eye Consultants, we use Wavefront technology, which scans your eye for more than 1,200 data points. Having such a large amount of data on your eye, it gives you a more personalized measurement of your eye, which in turn give you a more personalized LASIK procedure.

Ok, now that you have the right talking points to ask at your consult make sure you make a complementary appointment by calling us at (775) 329-2300.