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As one of the fastest and most effective vision correction treatments currently available, LASIK has become an extremely popular choice for individuals seeking to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. At Nevada Eye Consultants, we utilize iLASIK — a state-of-the-art bladeless technique that offers a range of benefits for our patients, including more precise correction.


What is iLASIK?

LASIK surgery is generally performed in two steps:

  1. A corneal flap is created – This flap can be created using either a laser or a blade. With iLASIK, this step is performed with a specialized cool laser. The laser gently creates a flap in the protective surface of the cornea that can be lifted, allowing the surgeon to access the cornea.
  2. The cornea is reshaped – Using an excimer laser, the surgeon skillfully and carefully reshapes the cornea to help correct the patient’s vision. After the cornea has successfully been reshaped, the corneal flap is replaced. The flap is able to quickly heal on its own, especially in cases where the surgeon has used the iLASIK technique.

At Nevada Eye Consultants, our surgeons utilize the iLASIK method for qualified patients. Aside from accelerated healing times, iLASIK offers our patients a few other distinct advantages, such as:

  • Improved comfort during the procedure
  • Reduced time in surgery
  • Enhanced surgical precision
  • Increased safety
  • Faster recovery times
  • Improved overall outcomes

I recommend Nevada Eye Consultants to anyone who is considering Lasik. I just had my eyes fixed last week and couldn’t be happier! Dr. Engle and his staff took such good care of me and helped ease my nerves. It feels like a miracle that I can see this well. Thank you NEC!

Stefanie Flores Bischoff

May 14, 2018


To learn more about iLASIK, or to schedule a consultation with the surgeons at Nevada Eye Consultants, please contact Nevada Eye Consultants today. In a consultation, our surgeons can help you determine if iLASIK is right for you.

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Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Most individuals who meet the basic requirements for LASIK surgery can be considered candidates, but a thorough examination is ultimately the best way to determine whether or not LASIK is right for you. In general, patients with refractive errors who have maintained a stable prescription for at least a year and are over the age of 21 can be considered ideal candidates for LASIK. Candidates must also be in good overall health and free of certain eye diseases that may become worse after LASIK surgery. If you are not eligible for LASIK surgery, our surgeons can help you find an alternative procedure that is best for your individual needs.

LASIK Technology

At Nevada Eye Consultants, we use the latest technology in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort, as well as the best possible outcomes for our patients. We utilize innovative devices such as the VISX WaveScan WaveFront® System, the VISX STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser System with ActiveTrak™, the IntraLase™ FS Laser System, and the iDESIGN® Refractive Studio.

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Frequently Asked iLASIK Questions

How does iLASIK work?

iLASIK is an all-laser LASIK procedure, meaning that no blades are used during surgery. Using these state-of-the-art lasers, our surgeons are able to gently reshape the cornea, effectively correcting refractive errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

Why should I choose iLASIK?

Compared to other vision correction surgeries, iLASIK provides a more customized approach. Through advanced technology, our LASIK surgeons are able to collect precise measurements and personalize the procedure for each patient. Additionally, iLASIK surgery offers increased patient comfort and less time in surgery, compared to traditional LASIK surgery.

Is iLASIK just another name for LASIK?

iLASIK is actually a type of LASIK procedure that was developed through extensive medical expertise and many years of research — it is the most advanced type of LASIK procedure available today. The main difference is that iLASIK is an all-laser procedure, while traditional LASIK surgery utilizes a specialized blade when creating a corneal flap. The innovative technology used for iLASIK also allows for more precise and customized results. At Nevada Eye Consultants, we strive to provide the latest treatments and techniques available, so we are proud to offer iLASIK to our patients.

Does iLASIK hurt?

iLASIK is designed to provide patients with an increased level of comfort during surgery. Some patients experience minimal discomfort during and/or after surgery, but this should resolve relatively quickly.

How long is recovery?

Typically, patients are able to resume their daily activities one or two days after surgery. Vision should improve within a few hours after the procedure, but the most noticeable difference will likely be seen the following morning. our surgeon will provide you with personalized aftercare information to help ensure minimal downtime.

Alternatives to LASIK

While many individuals can qualify as candidates for LASIK, it might not be the right procedure for everyone. Thankfully, there are several other vision correction surgeries available that can also help you improve your vision substantially and reduce or eliminate your dependence on corrective lenses.

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Contact Nevada Eye Consultants

To learn more about LASIK, or to schedule a consultation with the surgeons are Nevada Eye Consultants, please contact us today. In a consultation, our surgeon can help you determine if you are a candidate for LASIK.

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