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Nevada Eye Consultants iLASIK Testimonial

Nevada Eye Consultants ICL Surgery Testimonial: Josh Ballew

Nevada Eye Consultants Chris Dushek iLASIK Procedure

Nevada Eye Consultants Crystalens Cataract Patient Testimonial

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Written Testimonials

The reason I had LASIK surgery is because vision is so important to my golf game. I could have traveled anywhere around the country and gone anywhere to have LASIK, but I did a lot of research and Dr. David Chaffin was the best in the area and I think he’s one of the best in the country. Thanks for everything Dr. Chaffin! Now I can see the putts drop.

Scott McCarron
PGA Tour Professional

As a practicing doctor of optometry, I have managed thousands of successful laser vision correction procedures. I felt ultra-confident in allowing Dr. David Chaffin to perform LASIK on my eyes in 2001. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision. It’s been more then 5 years and my vision is great! I have not only trusted my own eyes to Dr. Chaffin, but have managed my own mother and father through the laser vision correction process with Dr. Chaffin as well. Schedule a consultation today with your family optometrist to see if laser vision correction is right for you!

Dr. Troy Humphreys

I’ve been wearing glasses/contacts for the past 26 years and my LAST set of contacts was · 9. 5 &. ·10. Now I have 20/15 in both eyes and can see the clock on the night stand in the middle of the night without glasses all thanks to Visian ICL and Dr. Chaffin. If you don’t qualify or hesitant of LASIK, I highly recommend you look into Visian ICL and getting it done by Dr, Chaffin . Dr, Chaffin and his staff at Nevada Eye Consultants are awesome and very helpful, especially Stephanie and Nicole. Because of how easy and well my procedure went and how things just seems to be more vivid and clear, my wife plans on having the Visian ICL procedure done with Dr. Chaffin

Benjamin Yeung

When people ask me what it’s like after having LASIK eye surgery, I reply “It’s almost like a religious experience.” To go from not being able to see your alarm clock in the morning, or not being able to watch television without glasses, having to squint just to find those glasses – to one day waking up and seeing everything. It’s surreal.

The day after your surgery will be the most exciting. You’ll wake up with those space-age eye patches on… which will make everything look blurry.

Don’t worry, it’s not your vision. Once you pull those off, just sit up in bed and look around. Take it all in. You can see! My mom drove me to Dr.

Chaffin’s office for my check-up. On the way she said it was like driving a child around who’s just learning how to read. I’d point at road signs, or advertisements and say “Look! That says…” For days and months after the surgery you truly will start to soak in the benefits of LASIK.

I had my CustomVue LASIK surgery in the summer of 2007. So, as I write this, it’s been exactly a year. While you might think it sounds like an exaggeration, my life truly has changed for the better.

In my profession I can be out in the elements for hours. I remember being on the frontline’s of the Waterfall Fire in Carson City, and having to carry with me contact solution and contact eye drops. Every ten minutes I was putting eye drops in my eyes because they got so irritated, and I had to consistently wash my contacts while out in the field with the solution.

Now, I don’t have to worry about that.

I also work very long days. So I was consistently wearing my contact lenses for 15 to 16 hours a day (at least.) I’m sure you understand how that feels on the eyes. Now, I don’t have to worry about that.

I used to be unable to read the teleprompter without contacts. Now I see it clearly.

And my eyes were red, irritated, itchy all the time because of the extended amount of time I wore my contacts. I have not had itchy eyes, red eyes or conjunctivitis since my surgery. Personally, I have reaped the benefits as well. I have been able to travel without carting around contacts – or worrying if I tear one while on vacation. I can swim, and actually see what’s underwater!

Doctor Chaffin has given me something I’ve never had. The gift of perfect vision. He’s a perfectionist, and your eyes are definitely in good hands.

Sarah Johns,
KOLO 8 News Anchor

For last five years I have exclusively sold the Implantable Contact Lens within California & Nevada. This career has allowed me the opportunity to witness virtually all of the Ophthalmologists performing surgery within this area. As the ICL sales representative I could have chosen any Ophthalmologist to perform my ICL Surgery. Dr. Chaffin’s surgical skills are the best that I have ever witnessed throughout Northern California & Nevada. I can also confidently say that Dr. Chaffin’s Surgical Skills are among the best in the world. After ICL Surgery I was 20/20. Even before surgery with glasses or contacts I had never seen so clearly. Recently I went Snowboarding to start the 2007/2008 Winter Season. My vision had a clarity, contrast, & detail like I had never seen before. Dr. Chaffin is the best of the best! With his expert surgical skill & expert staff you are sure to have a wonderful experience. Most importantly high definition vision.

Joe Eddie
Ophthalmic Surgical Specialist, STAAR Surgical

I live a very athletic lifestyle with skydiving and water sports being some of my favorite hobbies. Yet, contacts and glasses had greatly hindered these activities. When my eyes become stable, I made the choice to get LASIK eye surgery. From Pre-Care to Post-Care, Dr. Chaffin, his staff, and Nevada Eye Consultants have made my LASIK eye procedure an overall stress free experience. Dr. Chaffin is experienced, confident, and his staff provided excellent care. My procedure was pain free; my vision went from -2.50 in both eyes to 20/15 overnight. Dr. Chaffin is my new eye doctor and I highly recommend Nevada Eye Consultants to anyone needing eye care.

Chris Dushek
UNR Student & Former Marine Sgt.

Thanks for your great care of my eyes! Shooting with my new vision will be wonderful. You’re all center “10’s” with me!

Reya Kempley
U.S. Shooting Team

I’d like to thank you for performing my LASIK surgery. My vision is perfect. As an Ophthalmic Surgeon myself, I searched carefully and thoughtfully for the right surgeon to perform the procedure on me. I was extremely impressed with your attention to detail, state of the art equipment, and your outstanding staff. I would highly recommend Nevada Eye Consultants to anyone considering refractive surgery.

Edward Sweet, MD

As a physician, safety was my first concern and I was very careful to choose the right surgeon to perform LASIK surgery on my eyes. The results of the procedure have been amazing. The day after surgery I was back to work with better than 20/20 eyesight. It’s fantastic to play golf, hunt, and ski with crystal clear unencumbered vision. I would highly recommend Nevada Eye Consultants to anyone considering corrective eye surgery.

John Hilts, MD


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