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Before Your LASIK Surgery

Patient education is essential to ensuring the safest, most effective LASIK treatment possible. Below, we have compiled some information about what you will need to know before surgery to help you better understand what you can expect from your treatment. These details can help you effectively prepare for your procedure, though it is important to understand that some information may change slightly depending on your individual situation. At the time of your consultation, one of the surgeons at Nevada Eye Consultants will provide you with more in-depth, personalized pre-surgical instructions to help ensure a successful outcome.

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

Prior to your scheduled surgery, fasting is not required. You may eat or drink anything you like, but you should not consume alcohol on your day of surgery.

If you currently wear contact lenses, you will need to stop wearing them before your surgery so the cornea can stabilize. Based on your vision correction needs and type of contact lenses, we will provide you with specific instructions to let you know how far in advance you will need to discontinue contact lens use.

On your day of surgery, you can expect to be at our laser facility for approximately an hour and a half to two hours. If you have family and/or friends who would like to watch your procedure, we have an observation area available.

To help you remain comfortable, you will be offered a mild sedative. Be sure to notify the staff and/or your surgeon if you have any allergies prior to accepting the medication.

Please do not wear any eye makeup to your surgical appointment. If you are wearing large earrings, a ponytail, or a hooded sweatshirt, you may be asked to remove them.

Immediately before surgery, several eye drops will be administered to prepare for the procedure. Although allergic reactions to these drops are extremely rare, please inform your surgeon and the surgical staff if you have experienced negative reactions to eye medications in the past.

Once your surgeon is ready to begin your LASIK procedure, your participation is critical for success — please be sure to carefully follow instructions throughout your surgery.

To learn more about LASIK surgery at Nevada Eye Consultants, or to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons please contact us today.

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