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KAMRA Corneal Inlay

The flexibility of the eye’s natural lens allows us to quickly shift focus between objects that are near and objects that are further away. During the natural aging process, the flexibility of each lens may diminish, impairing our ability to easily shift our focus to see objects up close. This common eye condition – known as presbyopia – can cause nearby objects to appear blurry, make reading more difficult, or result in eyestrain and headache. While bifocals or trifocals can help many people who suffer from presbyopia improve their quality of vision, the KAMRA corneal inlay provides an alternative that can help significantly reduce dependency on prescription eyewear.

What is the KAMRA Inlay?

The KAMRA inlay is FDA-approved to treat the impaired close-range vision that typically results from presbyopia. The inlay is placed in the cornea of one eye (usually the non-dominate eye), allowing only focused light to pass through to the retina for enhanced near vision. Since the KAMRA inlay is only placed in one eye, distance vision is retained in the other eye, allowing patients to clearly focus on objects both near and far. In addition, the KAMRA inlay can help individuals maintain clearer vision during the more advanced stages of presbyopia.

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Am I a Candidate for the KAMRA Corneal Inlay?

If you are between the ages of 45 and 60 and have been diagnosed with presbyopia, you may be a good candidate for the KAMRA inlay. Ideal candidates are typically individuals who have lost their ability to see up close and wish to avoid the hassle of wearing reading glasses. Additional candidates include those who live a particularly active lifestyle, as well as patients who have limited near vision due to a lens implant after cataract surgery. At the time of your consultation, your doctor can help you determine if the KAMRA inlay would be an appropriate option for your specific needs.

KAMRA Inlay Technology

By placing a microscopic inlay within the cornea of just one eye, your range of vision can dramatically improve. Functioning similar to a pinhole, this inlay allows light to reach the back of the eye, enabling you to focus more clearly on objects at close range. The untreated eye is still able to focus clearly on objects further away, which facilitates an enhanced range of vision with both eyes combined. As an added advantage, the KAMRA inlay procedure is completely reversible if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.

The KAMRA Inlay Procedure

To maximize your comfort for the KAMRA inlay procedure, your eye will first be treated with an anesthetic. Advanced laser technology is then used to create a small pocket within the eye to receive the KAMRA inlay. In most cases, your surgeon will select your non-dominant eye to receive the implant, allowing your dominant eye to retain its distance vision capabilities. Some patients may choose to combine the KAMRA inlay procedure with LASIK or PRK to optimize their results. These procedures can usually be performed simultaneously, providing you with significantly improved overall vision.

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